Order of zones in nsd.conf

Edvard Tuinder nsdlist at lunytune.nl
Fri Dec 19 00:33:17 UTC 2003


I noticed that the order in which zones are listed in the nsd.conf file is
relevant for nsd to be able to answer queries authoritatively.

zone a.test.net         soa/a.test.net.soa
zone test.net           soa/test.net.soa

In this particular case, nsd will not return an authoritative answer
for a NS query for a.test.net. It will answer authoritatively on queries
for data contained within the a.test.net zone though.

If the order is changed such that a.test.net is loaded after test.net,
NSD will answer authoritatively for a NS query for a.test.net.

One might argue that it is logical to list the top level zones first,
but in this particular case I am secondary for the top level zone
and primary for the second level zone, and I tend to first list all
the primary zones and then all the secondary zones...



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