Bad compression pointer: Config files

David Coursey david.coursey at
Tue Dec 16 19:31:56 UTC 2003

|Definitely an NSD bug (it should never respond with bad packets), even 
|though it may be triggered by strange zone files.  Could you send me a 
|copy of the zone and configuration file as well as the dig command you
|Also, what platform are you running NSD on (OS, cpu, etc)?

I didn't know if you wanted me to post attachments to the list or not so
I just put the data in here.

nsd.zones file:

; Rilex Technologies NSD Zone File

; The filenames are relative to ${zonesdir}
;zone   name                            filename
masters/notify ip-address ]
zone           primary/
zone                  primary/
zone        primary/

Zone file:

; zone file
$TTL 1d
@ IN SOA (
                2003121501      ; serial
                1d              ; refresh
                2h              ; retry
                30d             ; expiry
                4d )            ; minimum

                         IN NS

;Host Addresses
localhost               IN A  
WSW001                  IN A  
WDW001                  IN A  

www                     IN CNAME        WSW001
ftp                     IN CNAME        WSW001
test                    IN CNAME        WSW001

The dig command I used was just   #dig

Server info:
P4 2.8Ghz 1Gb RAM
Slackware 9.1

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