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Ted Lindgreen ted at
Thu Dec 4 08:14:35 UTC 2003

[Quoting "David Zejda", on Dec  4,  8:58, in "debian woody ..."]
> how can I use nsd (the most recent version possible) in subj?
> there is backport on
>, but a bit
> outdated (1.2.0)
> is it sufficiently secure/stable to be used in production system?

The current stable release is NSD 1.2.3, differences with 1.2.0
are minor, see for an
exact specification of these changes. NSD 1.2.3 is currently
adviced for production usage.

The releases > 1.2.x are alpha releases with major code-changes in
preparation for 2.0.0 (with DNSSEC support), and are not meant for
production use.

-- ted

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