[net-dns-users] Net::DNS::SEC 1.07 released

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Apr 5 15:01:51 UTC 2018


I am pleased to announce the 1.07 release of Net::DNS::SEC.

This is the end-product of work started during the recent IETF101
Hackathon to permit the use of Ed25519 and Ed448 curves (algorithm 15
and 16) using the OpenSSL EVP interface. Unfortunately, progress was
impeded by issues arising in OpenSSL-1.1.1-pre2 and shelved in favour of
the interim solution released in Net::DNS::SEC 1.05.

This release contains the definitive EVP implementation of Ed25519 and
Ed488 curves using OpenSSL version 1.1.1-pre3 or later. We believe this
is the first main-stream "consumer" DNS library that offers both signing
and validation for both RFC8080 Edwards curves.

Summary of changes and bugfixes appears below.

link  : https://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-SEC-1.07.tar.gz
sha256: 39e92aae3d354007583843aa6b24ab74e8725c09ba952a87084529b5229aee94
asc   : https://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-SEC-1.07.tar.gz.asc

**** 1.07 April 5, 2018

Fix: rt.cpan.org #124880
        1.06 will not install on macOS

        Support for Ed25519 and Ed448 algorithms

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