[net-dns-users] Release candidate for Net::DNS 1.13

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Oct 11 13:45:51 UTC 2017

Dear all,

We have a candidate for the upcoming 1.13 release of Net::DNS.

This release allows queries for internationalized domains (with
non-ASCII characters) now also on platforms using CPAN Net::LibIDN2
(besides the already existing support with Net::LibIDN).

See also the Changes section below.

Please review this candidate carefully. If no issues arise, the actual
release will follow Wednesday the 18th of October 2017.

link  : https://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-1.12_03.tar.gz
sha256: 87068f2467bfd20dcd5d1bce2869a2f5431b6f90e897d7555cb422578e1efb1d
asc   : https://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-1.12_03.tar.gz.asc

Regression test results: https://www.net-dns.org/regression

Feature IDN query support

	Queries for domain names containing non-ASCII characters are
	now possible on Unicode platforms using CPAN Net::LibIDN2

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