[net-dns-users] Fwd: Re: With 1.05 on OS X I'm not seeing errorstring on queries

Dick Franks rwfranks at acm.org
Wed Apr 13 00:32:22 UTC 2016


Since 0.43 there has been no attempt to provide anything in errorstring.
The motivation for doing something different now was to provide some means
of finding out what went wrong with TSIG verifications which is not easy to
uncover without it.  I see no justification for filling errorstring when
there is no useful information to impart.  Adding RCODE: NOERROR provides
no useful information because the transfer gets aborted if anything else
shows up in a packet header (per RFC1035, 6.3).


The proper place to test the outcome of the transaction is using
$result->header->rcode() which is a recognised feature of DNS protocol.

I note that errorstring has always been set (redundantly) the same as
rcode.  Perhaps we need to accept that as one of Net::DNS's historical
quirks, which probably arose from design indecision in its very early
history.  It is certainly present in 0.12, where hardly anything else works
exactly as it does now.

As with axfr(), TSIG errors get funnelled into errorstring, so there is no
longer any guarantee that it will be one of the usual RCODE mnemonics.
Other than that, I am minded to restore the old behaviour.

Dick Franks

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