[net-dns-users] Tracking intermediate packet status of queries

Robert Kuropkat robert at kuropkat.com
Fri Jun 5 02:32:55 UTC 2015


I'm new to Net::DNS and DNS as well so may well be missing something 
obvious.  I have some tests I want to do to validate results of RPZ 
configurations.  The problem is, the send() method seems to only return 
the status of the final packet of a query.  Unfortunately, the final 
status for several tests appear the same, so there is no way to validate 
the query in fact behaved as expected.  When I set the debug flag, I see 
the traffic I expect, but none of that data (except the last) is 
retained for programmatic analysis.

Example: Setting RPZ policy action to TCP-ONLY.  (sorry, doing this from 

  * $resolver->send() (via UDP)
  * Initial query is truncated (tc=1), status, unknown error
  * query resent, forcing TCP connection
  * query returns answer correctly.  status NOERROR

I'd like to capture intermediate flag settings and resolver status to 
validate each step executed as expected.

A quick walk through the Net::DNS code shows it **may** be as simple as 
changing the $ans (return value) scaler to an array and saving each 
intermediate packet.  It's possible a flag could be set to default to 
current behaviour and return only the last packet to maintain backwards 
compatibility.  It seems internally, there are only two or three methods 
that would need to be modified as a result.  However, I'm not familiar 
enough with the framework to be sure that is all, or even be sure what I 
want is not really there already.

Help or suggestions much appreciated.  Requests for details will have to 
wait until I am back in the office tomorrow...

Robert Kuropkat

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