[net-dns-users] SOA rname as mailbox

tlhackque tlhackque at yahoo.com
Tue May 26 10:35:46 UTC 2015

On 26-May-15 05:15, Einar Lönn wrote:
> Also considering that basically every single user on this list wants a tool that can be used to debug DNS and not a fancy tool that does all the work for you I’m a bit sad that you let pride guide the project instead of actual user needs and requests. I dont think anyone, not one single user, has requested or wanted this change and when we (the users) try and tell you so you basically tell us how wrong we are. 
> It’s tiresome to have Net::DNS version ranges in our code and it’s even more tiresome when the maintainer(s) try and justify these changes. We created Net::LDNS for our new projects as we didnt like this user-unfriendly approach.
> 	/Regards, Einar
> O
I agree that the change for SOA email address was a mistake and should
have been handled better.   At this point, perhaps the only solution
that could satisfy both camps is a switch that can be set to get one
behavior or the other.  (E.g. $Net::DNS::RFC822_WireFormat = 1)

However, for the record, I use Net::DNS as the basis for web-based
management tools: to read and display zone data, to add/change/remove
records via UPDATE, and some odd script-based jobs that check health
and/or do 1-off transformations.  It's cheaper and more flexible than
forking processes to run dig and nsupdate.  Debugging DNS happens, but
is not my primary use.

I suspect that people are active on this list when their needs aren't
met.  And since debugging DNS always needs "just one more thing", the
list traffic disproportionately represents debuggers over customers of
the high-level APIs. 

This controversy  aside, we should remember that Dick and the other
contributors have put a lot of work into producing a functional library,
and do so as volunteers.  The frustration over this and other issues
should not obscure that.

I'm all for having the APIs that enable debugging.  They're handy, and
they form the basis for the test suites of important DNS software.

But count one user who uses the high-level APIs and does not count
debugging DNS as the primary use case. 

This communication may not represent my employer's views,
if any, on the matters discussed. 

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