[net-dns-users] Release candidates for Net::DNS 0.73 and Net::DNS::SEC 0.17

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Fri Nov 22 14:54:39 UTC 2013

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Dear maintainers and users of Net::DNS and Net::DNS::SEC,

We have a release candidate for Net::DNS and a release candidate for
Net::DNS::SEC.  Both are primarily concerned with bug fixes.
The most prominent enhancements are, for Net::DNS:

- - TSIG validation support
- - TSIG support for HMAC-SHA1 .. HMAC-SHA512

and for Net::DNS::SEC:

- - Validation of wildcard RR sets

For a complete list of changes see the Changes sections below.

We have done our utmost best to remain completely backwards
compatible. Please review this version carefully and regression-test
it with your software.  If no issues arise, the actual release will
follow in one week.

link     http://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-0.72_04.tar.gz
sha1     417d1725e305c2186fc22d6a2f4f1915ac40dc9d

link     http://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-SEC-0.16_04.tar.gz
sha1     b281a3540cdb67309ec6ce90422a75fa59b07511

Changes for Net::DNS 0.72_04
Fix rt.cpan.org #88778

        $update->unique_push() does not work as advertised.

Fix rt.cpan.org #88744

        Nameserver crashes on malformed TCP query.

Fix rt.cpan.org #84601/#81942

        Fix memory leak on packet cleanup. Indirect self-reference via
        header prevented garbage collector from deallocating packet.

Feature rt.cpan.org #84468

        TSIG: add support for HMAC-SHA1 .. HMAC-SHA512

Fix rt.cpan.org #84110

        Incorrect parsing of PTR records in zonefile.

Fix rt.cpan.org #83755

        Erroneous attempt to invoke Net::LibIDN package in Domain.pm.

Fix rt.cpan.org #83078

        Can't locate Net/DNS/Resolver/linux.pm in @INC
        Conjecture:  eval{ ... };  if ($@) { ... };  broken by threads.

Fix rt.cpan.org #83075

        ZoneFile.pm wrongly rejects $TTL 0 directive.

Fix rt.cpan.org #82621

        Error string empty after failed TCP query.

Fix rt.cpan.org #82296

        IPv6 with embedded IPv4 address not mapped to ip6.arpa.

Fix rt.cpan.org #82294

        Perl taint inadvertently removed in Domain and Text objects.

Feature rt.cpan.org #53610

        add TSIG validation support

Changes for Net::DNS::SEC 0.16_04
   Fix: rt.cpan.org #81289
   Failure to handle GOST DS records

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #90270
   NSEC3->covered() should use case-insensitive comparisons

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #79606
   Lower case zone-name part with DNSKEY::privatename

   Allow to specify algorithms with ::Private->new_rsa_private and
   ::Private->generate_rsa in stead of assuming RSASHA1.

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #55621
   Specify license type (mit) in META.yml

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #60269
   Remove Digest::SHA1 prerequirement

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #62387 & #63273
   Typo fixes

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #62386
   Make Net::DNS::RR::DS::digtype method work

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #62385
   Do not compress Next Domain Name in NSEC rdata.

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #61104
   Spelling correction in DS.pm and fix of key2ds demo program

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #60185
   Make sure %main::SIG hash keeps its values when compiling
   Net::DNS::RR::SIG in perl versions before 5.14.
   See also: rt.perl.org #76138

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #64552 and rt.cpan.org #79606
   Support for private-key-format v1.3

   Fix: rt.cpan.org #75892
   Do not canonicalize the "Next Domain Name" rdata field of a NSEC RR
   for draft-ietf-dnsext-dnssec-bis-updates-17 compliency.

   BUG FIX/FEATURE: validation of wildcard RRs now available. Duane
   Wessels is acknowledged for submitting the initial code on which
   this fix is based.

   FIX: case sensitivity of ownername during DS generation
        (Acknowledgements Jens Wagner)
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