[net-dns-users] 0.72 memory leak and next release

Matthew Horsfall (alh) wolfsage at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 14:51:26 UTC 2013


I found a memory leak in Net::DNS::Packet/Net::DNS::Header in 0.72 that
basically amounts to:

  $packet->{header} = $header;
  $header->{xbody} = $packet;

(See Net::DNS::Header::new())

Looking at trunk, I see that the leak is no longer there since most of the
code was rewritten.

I was curious when a new release of Net::DNS was planned since this leak is
fairly significant and happens any time a Net::DNS::Packet object is
created. This leaks very quickly for example:

  while (1) {
    my $packet = Net::DNS::Packet->new('test.com', 'A');


-- Matthew Horsfall (alh)
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