[net-dns-users] Change(s) in post-0.68 specifically problematic for DNSCheck

Calle Dybedahl calle at init.se
Wed May 15 09:03:45 UTC 2013

I was asked to try and quickly list what changes in post-0.68 Net::DNS that cause problems for the DNSCheck project, and post them here. I haven't had time to look at Net::DNS-related things for some months, so unfortunately a lot ha fallen out of my active memory. But there is one thing that is a concrete problem, in that it actually removes existing functionality from our product:

Since the SOA record class now auto-parses the RNAME field, we can no longer usefully detect and report errors made by the owner of a zone when setting that field (a type of error that is quite common in real life). We need a way to get the raw string that was actually in the record, not a parsed version of it. We would strongly prefer that this way be the same as in 0.68 and earlier, so we can remove the special-case code doing different things depending on the installed version of Net::DNS that we have now. 

Calle Dybedahl
calle at init.se -*- +46 703 - 970 612

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