[net-dns-users] How to translate the email in SOA

Einar Lönn einar.lonn at iis.se
Wed Jan 9 10:11:31 UTC 2013

On Jan 8, 2013, at 6:05 PM, Wes Hardaker wrote:

> Patrik Fältström <patrik at frobbit.se> writes:
>>> I urge the developers to revert back to the previous semantics where
>>> the SOA field is actually what is in the SOA field (i.e. encoded @
>>> sign), and possibly add a new accessor for getting/setting SOA using
>>> the full unencoded email address.
>> +10000000....000
>> Do not change behavior on existing routines. If you want to, add new ones.
> I also agree.  I've already had to change things in code that uses
> Net::DNS because of changed routines (some of which were internal, and
> thus it's my own fault (or the previous author's) for using them, and
> some of which were public).
> OpenSSL does the same thing: they change APIs routinely and it's pain in
> the neck when you write a 3rd-party software package that must use
> "whatever is available on the system".  The hacks required to code
> around an API that may work one way on one system and a different way on
> another are not pretty.
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As do I. The less automagic the better, we've been having trouble using later version of Net::DNS and it's getting worse lately with every new release. Please do listen to us in this; we're using Net::DNS to *test* DNS so we expect it not to fiddle with the actual packets and perform magic we didnt ask for. :(

	/Regards, Einar

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