[ldns-users] timeout query option in drill

Rick van der Zwet rick.vanderzwet at anywi.com
Wed May 9 09:10:16 UTC 2018


I am converting scripting [1] to use drill instead of dig, how-ever i
run into a issue which causing the script to run too long.

dig (named) has a timeout flag which could limit the run time of a single query:
           Sets the timeout for a query to T seconds. The default
timeout is 5 seconds. An attempt to set T to less than 1 will
           result in a query timeout of 1 second being applied.

drill lacks this option, which is slightly annoying since we like to
use tooling in scripting, in which all response above 1 second are
considered useless.

I have hacked together a small patch (attached) which adds a timeout
flag to drill. Since the usual suspects of flags (-t -T) where taken I
choose '-W' (wait).

Best regards,

[1] https://svn.wirelessleiden.nl/svn/code/hybrid/branches/releng-11/nanobsd/files/tools/nameserver-shuffle
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