[ldns-users] link-local addresses in /etc/resolv.conf

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Fri Jul 4 22:27:56 UTC 2014


Acknowledged.  I'll tend to it shortly.

Thanks for reporting,

-- Willem

op 01-07-14 19:21, Tony Finch schreef:
> Following a post on the ipv6-ops list
> http://lists.cluenet.de/pipermail/ipv6-ops/2014-July/010032.html
> I had a look at the /etc/resolv.conf parser in ldns and found that it has
> the same bug: it ignores any scope on an IPv6 address, which means it will
> not be able to initialize the interface index correctly, so will fail to
> send link-local queries out of the right interface.
> Tony.

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