[ldns-users] Broken code in ldns_pkt_query_new_frm_str

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue May 14 09:53:38 UTC 2013

Well it works, at least for me (using it in one of our unit test). Could 
you say more about the behavior you see?

One way or the other, I am tempted to implement this in the way I 
proposed earlier.

Best regards,

On 05/13/2013 06:36 PM, Michael J. Sheldon wrote:
> I would have less problem with this *if* it actually worked. But without a relevant serial # in the SOA record, this won't work anyway
> Michael Sheldon
> Dev-DNS Services
> GoDaddy.com
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> From: Matthijs Mekking
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> Subject: Re: [ldns-users] Broken code in ldns_pkt_query_new_frm_str
> Hi Michael,
> That code was added to make drill perform a more useful IXFR query. When
> doing 'drill -t IXFR ...', it did not add a SOA RR in the authority
> section, and made bind9 return a FORMERR. Adding a default SOA RR will
> at least make bind9 to figure out that the serial does not match and
> will return an AXFR.
> So it is a drill bugfix. I agree that it is unfortunate that this
> changes the behavior for ldns_pkt_query_new_frm_str. It might be better
> to restore the function and fix the bug different. This would require a
> new function call that is an adaptation of ldns_resolver_query, adding a
> parameter to define an authority RR.
> Best regards,
>     Matthijs
> On 05/10/2013 09:31 PM, Michael Sheldon wrote:
>> Sometime fairly recently, code was added to the
>> ldns_pkt_query_new_frm_str function to add an SOA record to the
>> authority section if the query type is IXFR.
>> Problem is, it's completely broken. This doesn't actually work unless
>> the SOA serial value is correct for the relevant query. It also broke my
>> systems, since I was adding a proper SOA to the authority myself, thus
>> resulting in two SOA in the authority, and a resulting FORMERR from
>> remote systems.
>> Michael Sheldon
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>> GoDaddy.com
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