[ldns-users] ldns memory management

Matthew Keeler mk at npulsetech.com
Wed Jan 16 15:24:54 UTC 2013

I have a question which I have not been able to answer by reading through
the documentation.

There are many methods such as lens_pkt_all, lens_rr_list_pop_rr or
lens_rr_owner etc.. These methods return pointers to ldns structures.

1) Are the pointers to copies of the data?
2) Should the respective _free functions be called on them once finished
and if so will a subsequent call to the function still return data?

In general if I make a call to ldns_pkt_all it returns a list of rrs. I
loop over it and pop the rrs. When I am done processing the rr should I
free it as I don't think it is associated with the list. If I do free them,
what happens if I call ldns_pkt_all again in another part of the code? Is
the actual underlying data still there?

Matt Keeler

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