[ldns-users] pyLDNS -- added rich comparison methods

Karel Slany karel.slany at nic.cz
Mon Sep 3 13:20:24 UTC 2012


I've added the support for Python's rich comparison methods into
ldns_dname, ldns_rdf, ldns_rr and ldns_rr_list classes. These are
necessary for the proper function of binary comparison operators (<, ==,
...) in Python 3, because the __cmp__() special method isn't supported
in Python 3.

Also, please, run the command:

chmod +x trunk/contrib/python/examples/test_rr.py

The script should be marked as executable in order to be properly
executed as the 'test' target from trunk/contrib/python/Makefile (the
development Makefile of pyLDNS). Thanks.

Best regards,
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