[ldns-users] ldns 1.6.14 released

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Oct 23 14:04:47 UTC 2012

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Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that version 1.6.14 of ldns is now available.

This release has more bugfixes than normally because of the code
reviews from CZ.NIC and Paul Wouters. Thank you!

We have many improvements in the pyldns contribution from Karel Slany
which are now listed in its own Changelog file in contrib/python (and

The most notably new feature is DANE support (RFC6698). New functions
for verifying and constructing TLSA resource records have been added.
The example tool, ldns-dane, has been added to demonstrate the new
functions and for the general usability of DANE operation.

I hope this release will be useful for you and that you will keep us
informed of your experiences.

Best regards,

Willem Toorop

link: http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/ldns/ldns-1.6.14.tar.gz
sha1: 2ef5fbf33b25d2f7b736c332ebccc0862dd12d02

* DANE support (RFC6698), including ldns-dane example tool.
* Configurable default CA certificate repository for ldns-dane with
  --with-ca-file=CAFILE and --with-ca-path=CAPATH
* Configurable default trust anchor with --with-trust-anchor=FILE
  for drill, ldns-verify-zone and ldns-dane
* bugfix #474: Define socklen_t when undefined (like in Win32)
* bugfix #473: Dead code removal and resource leak fix in drill
* bugfix #471: Let ldns_resolver_push_dnssec_anchor accept DS RR's too.
* Various bugfixes from code reviews from CZ.NIC and Paul Wouters
* ldns-notify TSIG option argument checking
* Let ldns_resolver_nameservers_randomize keep nameservers and rtt's
  in sync.
* Let ldns_pkt_push_rr now return false on (memory) errors.
* Make buffer_export comply to documentation and fix buffer2str
* Various improvements and fixes of pyldns from Katel Slany
  now documented in their own Changelog.
* bugfix: Make ldns_resolver_pop_nameserver clear the array when
  there was only one.
* bugfix #459: Remove ldns_symbols and export symbols based on regex
* bugfix #458: Track all newly created signatures when signing.
* bugfix #454: Only set -g and -O2 CFLAGS when no CFLAGS was given.
* bugfix #457: Memory leak fix for ldns_key_new_frm_algorithm.
* pyldns memory handling fixes and the python3/ldns-signzone.py
  examples script contribution from Karel Slany.
* bugfix #450: Base # bytes for P, G and Y (T) on the guaranteed
  to be bigger (or equal) P in ldns_key_dsa2bin.
* bugfix #449: Deep free cloned rdf's in ldns_tsig_mac_new.
* bugfix #448: Copy nameserver value (in stead of reference) of the
  answering nameserver to the answer packet in ldns_send_buffer, so
  the original value may be deep freed with the ldns_resolver struct.
* New -0 option for ldns-read-zone to replace inception, expiration
  and signature rdata fields with (null). Thanks Paul Wouters.
* New -p option for ldns-read-zone to prepend-pad SOA serial to take
  up ten characters.
* Return error if printing RR fails due to unknown/null RDATA.

pyldns Changelog:
* Added rich comparison methods for ldns_dname, ldns_rdf, ldns_rr and
  ldns_rr_list classes.
* Added deprecation warnings into ldns_rr.new_frm_fp() and
  ldns_rr.new_frm_fp_l() and others.
* Fixed ldns_rr.set_rdf(), which may cause memory leaks, because it
  returns new objects (in the scope of Python). Also it leaked memory,
  when the call was not successful.
* Fixed ldns_get_rr_list_hosts_frm_file, marked as newobject.
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.cat() to return bool as mentioned in documentation.
* Fixed ldns_rr_list_cat_clone, marked as newobject.
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.new_frm_file(). Exception argument was invalid.
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.push_rr() to return bool as mentioned in
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.push_rr_list() to return bool as mentioned in
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.set_rr(), which caused memory corruption, double
  free problems and memory leaks. (The wrapper used original function
  instead of its push cloned variant which was missing.)
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.set_rr_count(), added python exception raise in
  order to avoid assertion failure.
* Fixed ldns_rr_list.subtype_by_rdf(), marked as newobject.
* Added ldns_rr.to_canonical(), ldns_rr.is_question(),
  ldns_rr.type_by_name(), ldns_rr.class_by_name(), ldns_rr_list.new(),
* Modified ldns_rr_list.owner() and ldns_rr.owner(), now returns
* Fixed assertion failures for several methods when receiving incorrect
  but syntactically valid arguments (i.e., ldns_rr.a_address(),
  ldns_rr.dnskey_algorithm(), ldns_rr.dnskey_flags(),
  ldns_rr.dnskey_key(), ldns_rr.dnskey_protocol(),
  ldns_rr.mx_exchange(), ldns_rr.mx_preference(), ldns_rr.ns_nsdname(),
  ldns_rr.owner(), ldns_rr.rdf(), ldns_rr.rrsig_algorithm(),
  ldns_rr.rrsig_expiration(), ldns_rr.rrsig_inception(),
  ldns_rr.rrsig_keytag(), ldns_rr.rrsig_labels(),
  ldns_rr.rrsig_sig(), ldns_rr.rrsig_signame(),
  ldns_rr.rrsig_typecovered(), ldns_rr_list.owner(), ldns_rr_list.rr())
* Fixed ldns_rr.a_address(), which was asserting when called
  on non A or AAAA type rr. Now returns None when fails.
* Added scripts for testing the basic functionality of the ldns_rr,
  ldns_rr_descriptor and ldns_rr_list class code.
* Improved documentation of ldns_rr, ldns_rr_descriptor and
* Fixed automatic conversion from Python string to ldns_rdf and
  ldns_dname. Caused memory corruption when using Python 3.
* The Python 3 wrapper code now raises TypeError instead of ValueError
  when receiving a non FILE * argument when it should be a FILE *.
* Fixed wrong handling of _ldns_rr_list_free() and
  _ldns_rr_list_deep_free() when compiling with LDNS_DEBUG directive.
* Fixed malfunctioning ldns.ldns_rdf_new_frm_fp_l().
* Fixed malfunctioning ldns_drf.absolute() and ldns_dname.absolute().
* Marked several functions related to ldns_rdf and ldns_buffer as
  returning new objects.
* Method operating on ldns_dnames and returning dname ldns_rdfs now
  return ldns_dname instances.
* Improved documentation of ldns_buffer, ldns_rdf and ldns_dname
* Methods ldns_buffer.available() and ldns_buffer.available_at() now
  return bool types as described in the documentation.
* Added scripts for testing the basic functionality of the ldns_buffer,
  ldns_rdf, ldns_dname class code.
* Added deprecation warnings to ldns_rdf methods operating on dname
  rdfs. The user is encouraged to converts dname ldns_rdfs to
* Extended ldns_dname constructor to accept ldns_rdfs containing dnames.
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