[ldns-users] serializing a response

Henri Asseily henri at asseily.com
Fri May 27 08:03:03 UTC 2011

I'm looking to cache in a persistent data store (for offline use) ldns resolver responses.
I'm at this point trying to find the optimal spot in my codebase to do that. My DNS queries involve a lot of data (tens of NAPTR and TXT records, among others) and a lot of post-processing of those into objects. I could serialize at the object level or at the ldns query level before storing in the data store. For code reuse reasons I would prefer not to do direct object mapping into the data store but I might just have to do that.
Anyway, my question for this list is if there's an existing deep serialization technique for rr structs, or barring that if there's a way to easily access the original incoming wire buffers that I'd just store as binary data in the data store. Then for deserialization I'd send those buffers to the resolver for it to recreate an rr list.

Henri Asseily

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