[ldns-users] pyldns - memory leaks and double freeing

Bedrich Kosata bedrich.kosata at nic.cz
Wed Apr 13 06:45:55 UTC 2011

Hi again,

as nobody seemed to have anything against my proposal, I prepared the 
patches that should fix the problems I outlined before :)

When the patches are applied, the python bindings should always have 
rr_list and rr structs separated in memory. This is accomplished by 
always cloning rr data when either adding them to an rr_list or 
retrieving them from the rr_list.
Most of the changes should be transparent and should not require 
modifications to existing code. The only outside change I had to make 
was in the "ldns_verify_rrsig_keylist_notime" and 
"ldns_verify_rrsig_keylist" functions, because it copies pointers to the 
correct keys into a second rr_list. I solved this by replacing each of 
these functions by two new ones (thus creating four functions). All 
versions take only 3 arguments and differ in the way they treat the 
good_keys value. One versions name ends with "_status_only" (e.g. 
ldns_verify_rrsig_keylist_notime_status_only) and this does not report 
the good_keys at all, just the result of verification. The other ends 
with "_" (e.g. ldns_verify_rrsig_keylist_notime_) and returns a tuple 
(status, good_keys) where good_keys are indexes of the keys in the key 
list supplied to the function. Thus the whole business of two rr_lists 
sharing the same data is sidestepped.

The patches are made for each file separately because the fixes are 
mostly independent. I also included several test scripts which should 
show how the situation was fixed. They either show a situation where the 
old version would crash with a segmentation fault or display the amount 
of memory the app has used thus pointing to a memory leak. When used 
with patched sources, none of the scripts should crash and none should 
report more that ~30MB of memory used.

Best regards


p.s.- the patch for ldns_rdf.i is in fact not related to the rest and 
fixes and unrelated memory leak in ldns_rdf.new_frm_str

p.p.s.- I did not touch a related issue of rr and rdf relationship. In 
current version, the rdf data does not live beyond the lifetime of the 
corresponding rr. This is demonstrated in the attached 
test-rrlist-get-rdf.py. The problem could again be solved by cloning all 
rdfs on retrieval and addition from/into an rr.
However, I will wait how the current patch is received before I start 
thinking about fixing it.

On 03/25/2011 09:48 AM, Bedrich Kosata wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> while trying to find a cause of a memory leak in a simple script, I
> found a nest of memory related issues in the python bindings.
> The problems are all related to one common problem - who takes care of
> memory of composite objects, such as ldns_rr_lists or ldns_pkt.
> For example, in the current version, ldns_pkt bindings use ldns_pkt_free
> to free a packet structure, however, when a rr_list is taken from the
> packet and returned from a function, the packet gets out of scope, is
> freed and the rr_list refers to already freed memory.
> On the other hand, a rr_list only frees its own memory, not memory of
> the stored rrs. This can lead to memory leaks.
> I am attaching two scripts that demonstrate these problems (it might be
> necessary to have the sources patched with the "freeing None" patch I
> sent last week).
> I would be willing to have a stab at the problems (provided I get
> clearance from my boss :)), but the only solution I think would be clean
> enough, is to clone the necessary bits where needed. This might lead to
> some inefficiency and slowdowns (probably not big), so I would like to
> ask if this is ok.
> If there is anyone else willing to fix this, I would be happy to act as
> a tester.
> Cheers
> Beda
> p.s.- test-pkt-free.py crashes with a segmentation fault,
> test-rr-list.py ends up eating about 130 MB of memory and more than
> 400000 python objects which python cannot free.
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