[ldns-users] ldns-read-zone feature request

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Jun 3 01:16:15 UTC 2009


I want to be able to increase the serial number of a zone, after a zone
has been preprocessed using ldns-read-zone. The method I am using is
mmap(), as this allows me to only write a few bytes to disk, without
the need to read in a potential very large zone.

However, that only works when I don't need to insert character, because
then the mmap won't work without needing to copy the entire file. So
zones where the serial number increases by a digit are a problem for me.

So my feature request is for ldns-read-zone to prepend spaces so that
the serial number makes up 10 characters in the output regardless of
the serial number.

I tried to find the proper place in the ldns code, but I lost track
somewhere between ldns_rr_print() and ldns_rr2buffer_str()


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