[ldns-users] Release announcement: ldns 1.2.0

Jelte Jansen jelte at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Apr 11 09:20:34 UTC 2007

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it's been a while, but we just released a new version of ldns. See the
relevant changelog section below this message.

Project page: http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/ldns


The ldns development team


11 Apr 2007 1.2,0:
	* canonicalization of rdata in DNSSEC functions now adheres to
	  the rr type list in rfc3597, not rfc4035, which will be
	  updated (see
	* ldns-walk now support dnames with maximum label length
	* ldnsd now takes an extra argument containing the address to listen on
	* signing no longer signs every rrset with KSK's, but only the DNSKEY rrset
	* ported to Solaris 10
	* added ldns_send_buffer() function
	* added ldns-testpkts fake packet server
	* added ldns-notify to send NOTIFY packets
	* ldns-dpa can now accurately calculate the number of matches per
	* libtool is now used for compilation too (still gcc, but not directly)
	* Bugfixes:
		- TSIG signing buffer size
		- resolv.conf reading (comments)
		- dname comparison off by one error
		- typo in keyfetchers output file name fixed (a . too much)
		- fixed zone file parser when comments contain ( or )
		- fixed LOC RR type
		- fixed CERT RR type

	* drill prints error on failed axfr.
	* drill now accepts mangled packets with -f
	* old -c option (use tcp) changed to -t
	* -c option to specify alternative resolv.conf file added
	* feedback of signature chase improved
	* chaser now stops at root when no trusted keys are found
	  instead of looping forever trying to find the DS for .
	* Fixed bugs:
		- wildcard on multiple labels signature verification
		- error in -f packet writing for malformed packets
		- made KSK check more resilient

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