[ldns-users] One small bug, one missing definition

Vlad Grama vgrama at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 17:53:43 UTC 2006


I have been playing with LDNS and like it very much. Thanks for a nice
and easy to use library.

One bug I found:
in function ldns_udp_send in net.c sockfd is not closed (neither when
returning ok, nor in case an error occurs). I noticed this while
generating many queries and receiving a "too many open files " error
on Linux. I added the close() calls in udp_send and everything is fine

One missing definition:
LDNS_RR_CLASS_NONE with value 254 is not among the values in enum
ldns_enum_rr_class in file rr.h. This is used when deleting RRs from a
RR set.


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