[ldns-users] ldns 1.0.0

Jelte Jansen jelte at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Oct 20 13:00:51 UTC 2005


we've just released ldns 1.0.0! You can get it at:


Many thanks to all involved.

Most important changes:

* Commited a patch from Håkan Olsson
* Added UPDATE support (Jakob Schlyter and Håkan Olsson)
* License change: ldns is now BSD licensed
* ldns now depends on SSL
* Networking code cleanup, added (some) server udp/tcp support
* A zone type is introduced. Currently this is a list
  of RRs, so it will not scale well.
* [beta] Zonefile parsing was added
* [tools] Drill was added to ldns - see drill/
* [tools] experimental signer was added
* [building] better check for ssl
* [building] major revision of build system
* [building] added rpm .spec in packaging/ (thanks to Paul Wouters)
* [building] A lot of cleanup in the build scripts (thanks to Jakob
Schlyter and Paul Wouters)

Miek & Jelte
NLnet Labs

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